The Kindness of Neighbors

I live in a small house on a small plot of land along the Concord River, although small is a relative term. The White House would be small next to Ch√Ęteau de Chambord in France …

…and my property would be large in comparison to a Carolina Wren’s nest.

Cutest bird, evvvvaaaaaaa!

Carolina Wren

But I digress.

The reason I bring up the size of my living quarters is I need you to understand that being housebound in a small house on a small, but stunningly beautiful, lot is playing with my sanity. Actually playing with is not correct — being cloistered in my home and within the boundaries of my property line is wreaking havoc with my sanity.

Some days I shuffle down my front steps and around the yard. I purchased a second rollator just for this purpose.

Samantha testing out the goods.

One red and one blue. The red one is for inside the house and the blue one is for outside.

I once rocked three-inch heels and a red Mustang convertible but now I own two rollators. But again, I digress.

My car has been sold. Daily walks with the dogs, and working in my gardens are things of the past. My days are filled with sitting on my recliner and meditating, trying to read (my short-term memory sucks), and staring out the windows at the birds, trees, and life as it, along with my river, flows by.

This is why, when the women who live at the end of my avenue, brought me a gift basket my heart filled with joy.

Thank you Donna, Irene, Meaghan, and Diana.

Not only did the basket contain a porcelain tea cup, tea, dog biscuits, and kitty treats, it also had a package of ginger snaps (not shown in the photo because…well, cookies, dah!)

I know my life has taken a different path than the one I expected but having neighbors who offer true kindness is wonderful.

I am truly blessed.

Blessed be :}

Mi manchi, mia amata immortale.

About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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