Silent Summer

On September 27, 1962, Rachel Carson published her infamous book Silent Spring, chronicling the disastrous affect pesticides have on the environment.

Rachel_Carson - Silent_Spring_Quotes - pesticides - contamination - environment - birds - songbirds

I’d love to write that in the 57 years since Silent Spring was published we’ve learned how to work with the environment so humans and other living organisms can co-exist, but, sadly, it isn’t so. In reality, we’ve become more aggressive in our use of contaminants, releasing them with the carefree abandon of a child blowing bubbles.


Photo courtesy ofếu Hoàng

According to a recent New York Times (And, no, NYT is not failing) analysis, based on research from Harvard Law SchoolColumbia Law School and other sources, more than 80 environmental rules and regulations on the way out under our dictator-in-chief. Oh, I can hear Trump’s base now: ‘What do we care about the Sage Grouse?’

sage_grouse - environmental_protection - EPA - rollback - endangered - extinct - pollution

Mono Basin sage grouse (National Park Service)


Obviously they don’t care about clean air and water, either, because fracking destroys those things too.

Depressed yet?



Well, here comes the kick in the ass: my town recently sprayed for mosquitoes due to the Triple-E threat within the State. In their infinite wisdom the town leaders approved the use of malathion, a non-discriminatory pesticide used to also control aphids, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, and Cotton Boll Weevils. Yup, we have loads of boll weevils in this town. Phew, I have to shovel a path just to get to my mailbox at the end of the driveway.

The sad side of the story is malathion also kills caterpillars, cicadas, and a slew of other insects that don’t carry Triple-E.

cicada - pesticides

One of the many cicadas I found while walking Harlee.

Back in early July I was dancing with joy when I photographed a Monarch butterfly laying eggs on my milkweed plants.

Monarch_butterfly - butterfly - eggs - insects - laying_eggs - milkweed

And when I found Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed leaves, I sang as I danced.

I’m sad to report, they all died, including the adult butterflies. Dead as dead can be, thanks to the town’s spraying. My butterfly bush, busy with activity last summer…

… no longer plays host to the Monarch butterflies. Even the handful of Hummingbird moths that came by to eat have vanished. Thank goodness the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds appear untouched.

Ruby_throated hummingbird - songbirds - butterfly bush

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird at my butterfly bush.


Oh, Rachel, I wish that were true. Blessed be :{

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