Stranger Things

The times, they are getting strange here in my little corner of the Concord River. Just the other day I was working in the yard and was joined by a Little Brown Bat.

bat - brown - mammal

Little Brown Bat, Myotis lucifugus

At first it freaked me a bit since it was early afternoon and the little fellow, or gal, should have been snoozing in a dark crevice somewhere, but it didn’t appear to be aggressive so I calmed down, and checked out the National Wildlife Federation’s website. As long as the bat’s behavior wasn’t erratic, and there wasn’t any foam around the mouth, I was instructed to let the bat do its thing, and I should do mine. Unfortunately, the bat’s thing involved fluttering around, riding the gentle afternoon breezes, and following me. No matter where I went in the yard, it would come to settle nearby.

little brown bat - mammal - bats - animals - wildlife

Clinging to the tree alongside the pile of dirt I was shoveling.

Who knew Little Brown Bats were so curious? I eventually took a break, and sat to enjoy my iced coffee, and my small, mammal companion clung to an overhanging branch.

bat - brown - mammal

“I can see you.”

Little Brown Bats are very cool. Did you know one bat is capable of eating 1000 insects in just one hour! Sadly, a deadly fungus is decimating bat populations across North America. That, and the destruction of their natural habitats (thanks Trump, you clown), the Little Brown Bat, and other bat species a facing an uphill battle. To learn how you can help save our bat populations, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service .

brown bat - mammal

Do it soon, before bats are gone forever.

Over the past two days I’ve been visited by two Musk Turtles. No, it isn’t one turtle coming back for a rerun. How do I know, they’re different sizes.

It’s not odd to see turtles in my gardens but two Musk Turtles, back-to-back, must be some kind of omen. I’m thinking it might mean Keanu Reeves is coming to pay a visit. Either that or I’m going to fall off my retaining wall. If I do, the snapper will make short work of me. What, you don’t remember my manhole-sized Snapping Turtle? ( Well, she’s still around, and she’s gotten bigger.


Each morning, as I sit on my wall, and sip my coffee and feed the carp, she stops by for some bread, and a duck leg if she’s feeling extra hungry.

mallard - duck - hen - wildlife

Duck legs taste like chicken, or so I’m told.

Next truly strange thing: THERE ARE NO DUCKLINGS!! This time last year I had fuzzy little ducklings running around the yard. This year? None! Oh, sure, Shannon and St. John are still tooling about–eating their weight in corn, and lounging on the retaining wall when I’m not, but zilch in the duckling department.


St. John, the Mallard drake.


Shannon, the Mallard hen.

Not only are Shannon and St. John here, but I think every gosh darn duck on the river are too. But no ducklings!

I’m going to start charging them rent if they don’t lay some eggs. I WANT DUCKLINGS.

duckling - mallard - duck - animal - bird

Little Ducky from Summer 2018.

Last strange thing going on is a Cooper’s Hawk has been going after the chipmunks in my yard. The ducks seems to know it’s not here for them so they don’t flip out when it swings by. They just relocate from the grass into the water, and come back as soon as the hawk flies away, with or without its lunch.

Cooper's hawk - bird - prey - wildlife - animals - falcon

Sorry for the grainy image, the picture was taken through a window screen.

That’s pretty much all the strange stuff I have to report. The gardens are coming to life…

and the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are humming along.

hummingbird - birds - wildlife - humming - ruby

Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.

hummingbird - female - songbirds - birds - wildlife

Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.


And … wait for it, drumroll, please … I reached a 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It’s happy dance time.


Have you subscribed? What are you waiting for?

Anyway, it’s time for bed. I thank you for reading my humble post, and following my little blog. You are following my blog, right?

Blessed be :}

songbird - birds - phoebe - wildlife

Eastern Phoebe


More shameless self-promotion. 😉

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