Spring is officially here!

And it’s about time. Maybe it’s the whole getting older thing but this winter felt endless and I’m glad it’s over. The last snowstorm on March 4 dumped over a foot of snow on my little corner of the river.

March 4 - snow storm

Even the songbirds were like ‘WTF is this?’

But my ducks just rolled with it. They’re hearty souls and it takes more than a little, or a lot, of snow to phase them.

Mallard - duck - hen - snow - bird - waterfowl

I will admit my river was pretty.

Concord river - snow

But I’m done with snow for a while. I need to get my hands into some warm earth and feel the worms wiggling around my fingers. In short, I need to see my flowers blooming!


Have you started your seeds yet? It’s time, you know.

seedlings - seeds - plants - flowers

This year I plan of planting loads of zinnias. The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds love them.

I’m also trying to start nasturtium and moonflower seeds. Nothing yet but I’m hopeful.

I have this silly fantasy of lying in my bed at night and smelling the fragrant aroma of moonflowers outside my open bedroom window. I also have a fantasy about Keanu Reeves, but I’ll save that topic for a different blog post.

Last night, the first night of spring, 2019, saw a super Worm moon.

rare super worm moon - full moon - 2019

The last time the Vernal Equinox hosted a super full moon was in 1905! I hope you got a chance to see it. The next time a super full moon and the spring equinox coincide will be in 2144. I don’t expect to be here for that one so I’m thrilled the night was clear and that I could get a good look last night.

Now that spring is in the air the activity along the river has picked up. The red-winged blackbirds and grackles are back from their southern vacation homes.

grackle - songbirds - birds - blackbirdsred-winged blackbird - songbirds - birds - blackbirds

Both Red-winged Blackbirds and Grackles belong to the Family Icteridae which also includes orioles, such as my beautiful Baltimore Orioles that visit my yard each summer.

I hope you’re paying attention because there’ll be a quiz next week in biology class.

The coming of spring has also stepped up the romance in the air. My Northern Cardinal pair is feeling amorous and the male cardinal performed his tender courting ritual of feeding the female a sunflower seed.

Northern cardinal - songbirds - red - male - female - courtship - mating

Not being ones for PDA, they hid behind the branches of my forsythia bush. When he was finished feeding his lady love, the male gave me a nasty look as if to tell me to mind my own business.

Northern cardinal - male - songbird - red - birds

Too bad, I told him. My house, my money, my sunflower seed, my rules.

There were a few bachelors wandering around the river last week. First a swan stopped by…

Trumpet swan - birds - swans

Trumpet swan.

…and also a male Northern pintail.

Northern pintail - ducks - waterfowl

Northern pintail.

Although both birds should be with their respective mates by now they didn’t seem bothered at going stud. I guess they’re keeping their options open. Maybe the pintail thought he’d get himself a little Mallard action but the hen kept her eyes closed and ignored him, though I’m sure it didn’t hurt that her drake was by her side.

Mallards - ducks - pintails - males - drakes - hens

Mallard drake and hen, and Northern pintail.

As long as I on the topic of ducks, a pair of wood ducks have been hanging around my beach.


Wood duck hen and drake.

Two springs ago I put up a wood duck nesting box.

Fine, for the record, my friend put up the wood duck box, but I paid for it, and I supervised. Anyway, I’ve never hosted a pair of Wood Ducks in the box. Just sparrows. Lots and lots of sparrows. This year things might work out for me. The pair has been here for a few days.

And the hen is getting comfortable with me being out in the yard.

I have all my toes and fingers crossed she’ll lay some eggs for me. I want to be a grandma to baby wood ducks.

wood duck - chicks - hatchlings - baby ducks

Wood Duck hen with her chicks. Photo courtesy of: https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/wood-duck

Until then I’ll keep myself content by photographing the daddy-to-be.

wood duck - male - drake

Male wood duck.

Tell me, who do you think is more handsome – a male Mallard or the male Wood Duck?

The most handsome of all is my Harlee! Today is his second anniversary. He and I met in 2017 and it was love at first sight.

black Lab - dogs - rescue

black Lab - dogs - male

Thank you, Labs 4 Rescue.

To celebrate the beginning of spring I made a batch of cookies that I call Spring Cakes.


I would typically frost them with tinted icing but I was out of food coloring. They were still delicious–Chris ate a bunch. Here’s the recipe.

spring cakes.png

Now, I want you to go and make some Spring Cakes, brew a cup of tea, and head outside salute the beginning of spring.


Blessed Ostara :}




About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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3 Responses to Spring is officially here!

  1. Kathy says:

    Love your blog Cindy! Happy spring!!

  2. Dianna Solari says:

    Beautiful pictures, glad your feeling better, Both the mallard and wood duck are hansom boys, Thank you Dianna Solari

  3. Love your pictures! I envy your proximity to the wildlife–I have to go to a wildlife refuge about 45 minutes from here and the birds are generally too far away for photographing.
    Which reminds me…I need to plan a trip there. The baby eaglets should be hatching soon.

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