Let’s get this party started!

All invitees are in attendance and it’s time to parteé!

First on the list of guests are the hummingbirds! They took their sweet time getting here, since the migration map had them in my area two weeks ago. But, now that they’re here, all is forgiven.

Thirsty male, ruby-throated hummingbird.

So far, I have two males and one female, along with two downy woodpeckers who are pretending to be hummingbirds.


Female downy woodpecker drinking nectar!!!

Next on the guest list are the Baltimore orioles, freshly arrived from the southern part of the country.

Male Baltimore oriole gleaning insects.

Orioles don’t reuse old nests but they typically recycle the materials. The nest from last year’s pair is still hanging over the side yard and a male has been inspecting it. Many times orioles will build a new nest right alongside an old one. It’s the females who do the weaving (sexist birds), so I’m just going to have to be patient, since I haven’t seen a female yet.

2013 Baltimore oriole nest.

Our attendees wouldn’t be complete without a few herons. Isis, the great blue heron, is back. (Okay, it might not be the same bird but the voice in my head tells me it is!)

Isis, my great-blue heron.

Isis, my great-blue heron.

A green heron posed for several photos.

heron 1

Green heron

Short, stocky birds, the green heron resembles a bittern more than a heron. I’m not sure why it was sitting in a tree, over 30 feet high, when its preferred habitat is marshy land. Perhaps it was trying to get away from the annoying woman with the camera!

Green heron again!

A party wouldn’t be a party without the trouble makers. You know, those guests who try to eat the other guests! Welcome Cooper’s hawk!

Cooper's hawk.

Cooper’s hawk.

Cooper’s hawks have been known to hang around bird feeders, looking for quick meals. Anytime this hawk wants to visit my feeder and chomp on a few house sparrows, he doesn’t even have to call first!

The goldfinches got dressed for the occasion …

Molto bello il mio uccello

Molto bello il mio uccello!

… and a female red-wing blackbird joined the festivities.

Female red-wing blackbird.

Female red-wing blackbird.

Guests at my party who were camera shy include a rose-breasted grosbeak, white-throated sparrow, and marsh wren.

Of course, we need the guests of honor.

Brad and Angie arriving for dinner.

Brad and Angie arriving for dinner.

For the past week, Angie is MIA during the day but arrives at dusk. Hopefully she’s brooding and will be bringing by her chicks soon.

Dusk arrival.

Dusk arrival.

Pretty lady!

Pretty lady!

When Angie leaves for the night, Brad settles on the retaining wall until dark. After that, I haven’t got a clue where he goes. Maybe he visits Mac’s up in North Billerica.

Brad, settling in for a nap.

Brad, settling in for a nap.

It’s official, that party season known as spring is underway. Raise your glasses high!

Blessed be :]




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Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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