Peeing standing-up, helpful men, ducks, and other good stuff.

I’ve always wanted the ability to pee standing-up. Men have it so easy, just point and go. Beer bottles, test tubes, any narrow-necked item will do. They can even write their name in the snow. For women, peeing in an upright position takes practice, severe concentration, along with good muscle control. Being without a toilet for three days didn’t bother Chris. His aim is great and we had a supply of water bottles in the recycling bin. For me, sigh, it didn’t matter how wide the container was. Thank goodness my socks were absorbent.

The engineer, Justin, and Rick, from Pierce Construction, were here into the dark, cold night, but they finally got my E/One pump up and running. An internal switch was faulty. Seems the pump had failed back in August! It took these past months for the tank to fill-up with all sorts of good stuff, which they pumped into two 30 gallon barrels. Justin didn’t seemed fazed, in the least, at the aroma wafting out of the tank.

Since the switch was defective, my charge was zero! Even the money to get Justin into my yard was waived. Sweeettttt!

Next, allow me to send a warm thank-you to Jack, from Titan Oil  He repaired the oil tank leak. This is the leak that was repaired (I’m using that word loosely) on Friday, even though my $200 check was cashed. Jack didn’t charge me for this repair and even offered advice on my plumbing patchwork. Thanks Jack.

While all the plumbing and oil tank issues were manifesting themselves, new windows were being installed. Gone are the drafty, broken, screenless, single-paned windows. Hello double-paned, energy efficient windows. Kevin and Mike worked for four days in frigid temps. But they did it! Kevin even custom-built extra wide sills for the porch windows. I can’t wait to arrange my treasures on them. Grazie Kevin.

My ducks kept the guys company. On the first day, whenever the air compressor kicked on, the flock would take flight. It truly is an amazing sight, sound, and feeling when over hundred ducks take to the air. The guys were like kids, big smiles on their faces everytime this happend. However, they were disappointed the eagle didn’t stop by for lunch.

So far, 2014 has been watery, filled with an abundance of learning experiences. Kevin suggested I buy a book on home repair, advice worth taking. Since I still have to repair the toilet seal and basement pipe, I’m sure the book and I will become fast friends.

So, with the waxing gibbous moon watching over me, it’s time to close this post, say goodbye to a wet week, and celebrate helpful men, new windows, and peeing sitting-down.

Blessed be :}


About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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