Hours blend into days;

days blend into weeks; weeks into months; months into years; and years into… Well, you get the picture.


Like water slipping through my fingers, so does time.

If I could, I’d pour each wonderful moment into a bottle and stopper it.


Then when a day comes, as they inevitably do, that my soul needs nourishment, I would  pour my blessed memory into a glass and drink the sweet nectar. Unfortunately, the closest thing I have to being able to do something like that is through my writing. And my photographs.

Sooooo, pour yourself something wonderful to sip…

smirnoff hard seltzer-raspberry rose seltzer-vodka seltzer-spiked lemonades

Screw my medication, I am so having one of these.

… and spend some time with me as I revist May, 2018, and the bounty that played-out on my little corner of the Concord River.

bald _eagle-birds_of_prey-talons-eagles

During the early part of the month my American bald eagle stopped by to say hello and check out the menu. The ducks scattered, as they typically do, however, the eagle decided he would perch in the dead oak tree in my yard and wait until they came back.



Unfortunately, he was too heavy and the branch on which he settled broke and he decided to leave and try another restaurant.

He hasn’t been back since, which is fine with me because Meghan and Henry’s eggs hatched!!!!


Meghan, the proud mama.

ducklings-mallard chicks-how many ducklings in a brood-mallard hen with ducklings

Eight little ducklings, all in a row.

The good news is Meghan came by yesterday, and she still has eight! Who yeah!

ducklings, mallard ducklings, mallard ducks, cute chicks, mother duck with babies

Hey Meghan, you’re kids are getting big!!

My fingers and toes are crossed that very soon there will be more chicks running around my yard. Until then I’ll be content with the grandchildren Meghan and Henry blessed me with.


I’m still hurt that I didn’t receive an invitation to the wedding.

Mother Nature must be feeling sorry for me, what with me being cooped up in my home these last two months (see my new YouTube channel), so she sent over one of her spectacular songbirds to keep me entertained. Can you guess which one?

songbird-cardinal-red birds-birds-songbirds-birds of new england-

Nope, not the Northern cardinal.

American goldfinch, songbird, yellow birds, finches, goldfinches

Nope, not a female American goldfinch.


Nope, not the downy woodpeckers, although, please notice the color difference between the male (bottom) and the female (top left). The male has golden brown feathers instead of pure white! It’s going to be fun to see if he passes that mutation on to his offspring.

mourning dove-songbird-pigeons-doves-brown birds

And, nope, not a mourning dove.

Ready to give up?

rosebreated grosebeak

Bingo! A rose-breasted grosbeak!!!

Until this year I’ve only been able to get a scant number of photographs of rose-breasted grosbeaks and they had to be taken from well over thirty feet away. Not this year. Nope. This gorgeous fellow has been spending the past three weeks with me. He visits the sunflower feeder twice a day and gladly poses for all my photo shoots.


But the coolest thing about him visiting–I finally got to link a bird-call I’ve been hearing during past summers to the bird doing the singing.

You have to admit that is one sweet song.


Thank you Goddess.

The trout lily came back, which is always a welcome sight.


And (drum roll, please)… Wait for it… Almost here… Soon… Any minute now…

ruby_throated hummingbirds, hummingbirds, hummingbirds of north america, hummingbird migration

They’re baaaack…

…And doing what hummingbirds do best–humming and sipping-nectar.


And boy are they humming.

And sipping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any day is a good day when I get to sit and watch these little emeralds of the sky.

Thanks, Mom Nature.

Before I close the month of May… Oh, by the way, if you’re reading this in the United States, Happy Memorial Day… I’d like to touch on something near and dear to my heart–my writing.

summer-romance books-contemporary books-women's fiction-hot new books

The sequel to my first book is launching June 1, 2018 and is available for pre-sale on Amazon.

In June of 2016 I published The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish.

The Summer of Annah-Tinthia Clemant-romance novels-women's fiction books-books to read-romance-contemporary romance novels

My debut novel, The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish.

Well, it’s two years later and, voila, the sequel, The Summer of Annah: A Labor of Love is here!

annha at pool copy.png

Please help a starving author who’s lost her job because of a medical disability. She doesn’t have a source of income to pay her mortgage and buy food, and if you buy her books at Amazon you’ll help to keep her off the streets and her ducks fed. (I’m honestly not trying to make you feel guilty.)

buy my books bear

While you’re over at Amazon, you may as well pick up my other book, You Gave Me Wings.

women's fiction-romance books-italy-romance-falling in love-travel to italy-rome-love in rome

Since you in a giving mood, you should follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and…if you’re so inclined, buy me dinner.

field mouse-wild mouse-mouse-small mouse-rodents-cute mouse-mouse ears

Blessed be:}

Disclaimer: All typos are deliberate because I’ve been working on this posting for over three hours, and I have a headache.



About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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  1. Priscilla says:

    Hey the trout lillies live on! Hardy little guys they must be 20 years old . Q

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