Pardon my language….

….but I’m fucking mad!! (Spoiler alert: swearing ahead.)

angry woman-man being punched-mad woman-boxing gloves

And I feel like punching the asshole CEO of Rust-Oleum right in his fucking nose. (This will be an unladylike post. Apologies.)

You may remember my post about refinishing my deck.

Well, I’m back at it again, thanks to the shit Rust-Oleum manufactures. Allow me to explain: Back in the late summer of 2015 I got renovations done on my roof and back yard. I contacted my local roofer and spent about $300 getting all of it re-done. The roof work , to this day, is in perfect conditions. However, I spent over $600 repairing the deck–sanding it, cleaning it, all the good stuff that needed to be accomplished before I could apply Rust-Oleum’s Deck Restore.

rustoleum-deck restore

Buy this product at your own risk.

I then purchased the Rust-Oleum products that would make my deck a shining symbol of accomplishment for a single, woman living alone on the Concord River.

First I cleaned the deck, for a second time, with the Rust-Oleum cleaner because, and I’m quoting from their website, “PREPARATION is key to Restore 4X Deck Coat adhering properly. To properly prepare your surface use either the Restore Deck Start Wood Primer or the Restore Deck Stripper. REGARDLESS OF AGE OR SURFACE CONDITION, FAILURE TO FOLLOW ONE OF THESE PREPARATION METHODS WILL RESULT IN POOR ADHESION AND POSSIBLE COATING FAILURE. NEW AND SEALED WOOD DECKS NEED TO WEATHER AT LEAST SIX MONTHS BEFORE APPLICATION.  (I actually cut and pasted from the Rust-Oleum website.)

I did it all! If you want, take a look at their website explaining how to prep and apply.

So, armed with my equipment, including a quality 3/8″ nap roller, (and after spending another $300 for products, etc.) I applied the pudding-like paint. Ah, the deck and stairs looked great. Cue proud, single woman living alone on the Concord River.

I went along my merry way, singing tunes of joy. According to Rust-Oleum’s website, and I’m quoting, “Restore products are made to last and adhere for long periods of time.”  Ah, what a relief. I have long periods of time to focus on other projects. Hmm, I guess their definition of ‘long periods of time’ is different from mine. Fast forward from the summer of 2015 to early spring, 2017.


Really!!!!! WTF!!!! Are you kidding me????? Rust-Oleum, you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m one of the lucky ones. Some users suffered within months of applying this crap called Desk Restore.

In case you’re wondering, I did contact Rust-Oleum and spoke with a lovely women in customer service who told me to send her pictures of my deck and she’ll see what she can do to help me. I sent these pictures.

Her sweet reply–

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you for the pictures. I have loaded the information into your claim. Once you are able to get receipts I can either refund or replace product under the warranty.
Roberta Benson
Product Support Representative

Oh, give me a stinking break. I’m barely holding onto my mind and they want me to keep receipts for cans of paint? Power tools, yes. But paint??? And, why would I want the product replaced. ‘Hi, our Deck Restore sucks but we don’t care so here’s another can. Have a nice day, stupid consumer.’

I ultimately joined the class-action lawsuit against Rust-Oleum (however I’m not holding out much hope since the lawsuit is for the 10X product and I used the 4X). No matter which way I turn, I’m screwed.

In a last grasp at righteous judgement,  I sent my video to the Rust-Oleum representative AND to the CEO, Michael Tellor.  I want him to know what I think about his fucking, shit-ass product (I told you there’d be swearing.)

In closing, I’m going to relax, practice deep breathing exercises, and imagine Mr. Tellor  falling into a vat of Deck Restore. Of course nothing will happen to him because as soon as the crap dries it’ll peel off.

My new Wiccan mantra:

I’m thinking of tattooing it on my forehead.

Blessed be. :}


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Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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