Wake up Persephone, it’s time!

Return of Persephone-Lord Leighton-Hades-Hermes

Return of Persephone (1891), Lord Frederick Leighton. The painting depicts Hermes assisting a pale, fragile Persephone into the arms of her mother, Demeter. With Persephone’s return, the sun warms the earth and life is restored.

Is it just me or has this winter felt like its gone on forever? (Those of you in the southern hemisphere can just settle down; I’ll get to you in June. By the way, happy first day of Autumn.)

Back to winter. Or should I write, the end of winter? And none too soon, for me and my little corner of the Concord River. The late winter storm of this past week seemed to imply winter might hang around for another few months. Let me tell you, the ducks were miserable.

ducks in snow-snowstorm Stella-blizzard

Hold on to your webbed feet. It’s a Nor’easter!

My ducks are a hardy lot, though. They braved the sleet, snow, and biting temperatures. My beach was blanketed in a marshmallow coating of white, with an island of brown.

It’s not easy being a duck, especially when Mother Nature plays such a cruel joke on you.

It’s not easy being a 61-year old woman either. (Yes, I put the hyphens in the correct spots. I want to emphasize old.) Especially one who’s tired of shoveling, snow blowing, and roof raking. Leaves are for raking–not roofs!

Enough, I say! Winter, your time is over. Pack up your snowflakes and skedaddle. It’s time for Spring. (Deep breath.)

Welcome Ostara.

A time of hope . . .

. . . and new growth.

My bulbs were sending up tender shoots when winter storm Stella dumped her load on top of them.

A time when the earth opens her lips to the sun’s rays and drinks the warmth pouring down upon her.

A time when life pushes forth, despite the cold.

Yeah! Pussy willows.

A time when all things possible.

honey bees-bees eating corn

Look closely. Can you see them eating the cracked corn?

Seriously. I’ve been living here for four years this May (Wow!) and this was the first season where I had honey bees eating my cracked corn. Seems they appreciate a high quality grain as much as the birds and ducks do.

Not really. The ducks and birds are the kings of the cracked corn.

Can you spot where I almost fell? Don’t get dizzy! HaHa

This is where I’ll leave you. It’s late and I’m sleepy. But before I go. . .

May Ostara bring joy and magic into your life; May the fertility of the season grow within you; May your dreams take wing and your wishes bloom. Blessed be.


A celebration of Ostara wouldn’t be complete without a rabbit.

Oh, oh, oh. I almost forgot. Here they come!!!!!!!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Migration Map 2017

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Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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1 Response to Wake up Persephone, it’s time!

  1. Priscilla says:

    The hummingbirds are here in Ormond. Saw my first one Friday. Good luck with the spring floods.

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