Wait your turn!

Life is getting a little crazy here on the Concord River. Back in October the ducks, except for Franny and her drake, left after hurricane Joaquin blew through the area. Now I’m back to having over three dozen beaks to feed!


“Aw, who needs to fly south when there’s good, cracked corn right here on the banks of the Concord River?”

Yes, I know. I’ve been told  to stop feeding them and they’ll take the hint and fly away. But, darn, how can I look at those imploring eyes and refuse them sustenance?


Franny (no tail feathers!), chowing down.

Anyway, last year I had double the number of ducks and they left ahead of the snow storms January dumped on the area. I’m sure the ducks know what they’re doing. Until they leave, however, I’ll always have food on my table, or at least on the grass, for the flock.

Since I’m on the subject of feeding beaks, I’ve been going through six suet cakes every week! I guess the word’s gotten out that River Lady serves the freshest, tastiest suet this side of Lowell.

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Back to our post!

The moon is having quite the bit of fun in the early morning sky outside my bedroom window. Seems she likes hanging with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars


Now this is the coolest! On December 7, she’ll cover Venus!!! It’s called coupling, which sounds so very sexy. Get up early (around 4 a.m.) if you’re on the eastern part of the United States and watch it. Learn more about the whole celestial dance at this link: https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury

I really hope Santa brings me a telescope for Christmas. And a camera that has interchangeable lenses. And an camera attachment thingy for the telescope so I can start taking photographs of the planets.

Dear Santa, I want a telescope powerful enough to see Venus. (Please!)

Or, I’ll take Keanu Reeves. Either one will do nicely.

Blessed be :}

http://www.redbubble.com/people/riverlady in case you forgot! 🙂

About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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