“There are nights when the wolves are silent, and only the moon howls.”

The above quote is by George Carlin, may his spirit soar as high as the moon.

The above quote belong to George Carlin. I hope his spirit is soaring as high as the moon.

Tonight is the Wolf Moon. Even though wolves howl at just about any full moon, this moon is special. Not just because it’s the first full moon of the new year, although that is very cool. But because the dark clouds cleared as if on cue, allowing the moon to shine onto the river, lighting a path right to my door, on this very cold, very windy night.

Since the weather hasn’t been conducive to gardening, I’m back painting again. My muse is most certainly a moon goddess.


The snow of two evenings ago turned into three inches of wet, cold quicksand after yesterday’s rain. The slop was too heavy for the snowblower to blow. But who knew a snowblower also makes a great slushplow!


This is what two hours of slushplowing looks like.

Unlike last winter, I remembered there are three speeds and reverse on the snowblower. Yeah me! However, for some reason my brain still won’t accept the fact that UGGs are not waterproof, or slushproof in this case. My feet made such a loud sloshing noise every time I took a step, it even drowned out the motor of the blower. Even the ducks were getting annoyed.


“Keep it down lady, we’re trying to eat!”

I’m happy to report the three amigos, who’ve been missing for the past two months, are back. Even their owner didn’t know where they’ve been bunking.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

It doesn’t matter. They’re back, safe, in tip-top shape, and as loud and hungry as ever, along with the other dozens of Mallards I now feed on a daily basis.

Nope, no howling here on Elsie Ave. Only quacking.


Blessed be :}


About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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1 Response to “There are nights when the wolves are silent, and only the moon howls.”

  1. Priscilla says:

    Don’t miss New England on a day like that ! Good weather to see birds on the water like buffleheads and mergansers since it will be freezing over farther north . I’ve got sand hill cranes on my lawn here every day . They are bigger than blue herons and sound like dinosaurs. Priscillarodgers@comcast.net

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