Tails of the river!

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the only one who got to judge an amazing award show in 2014. After the intense eating competitions of winter, the ducks paired-off and worked to establish their breeding territories. The judging came down to three hearty pairs, each vying for a foothold on the Elsie Avenue beach.

Envelope Please! The winners are this beautiful couple, who I’ll call Brad and Angie. (For no other reason other than I like Brad and Angie!)

Brad and Angie having their victory lunch!

Brad and Angie having their victory lunch!

The runners-up haven’t gone peacfully though. In truth, they keep coming around each day. But Brad runs a pretty tight yard and the losers are continually chased away. Angie joins in whenever Brad has his wings full and even keeps lookout from on top of the fireplace.

Angie on lookout duty!

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Along with Brad and Angie, there’s a pair of geese who didn’t get the hints I was shouting about no geese allowed. Since it’s only one pair, I’ve decided to let them stay. Ha, ha, like I really had a choice!

Kim and Kanye.

I’m not sure what it is about this river and a duck’s feet, but Brad has suffered a foot injury. Maybe it’s all the fighting he’s been doing this past week or a carp decided his foot looked good for a snack. By the way, a HUGE carp breached the other morning!!! Either way, he doesn’t shirk his duties and defends Angie with valor, even while limping.

The hummingbird garden has been enlarged…

… and not a moment too soon. No, there hasn’t been a hummingbird yet but a downy woodpecker is visiting the nectar feeder. Who knew woodpeckers liked sugar water. I guess when you eat insects, a sugary drink hits the spot.

Downy woodpecker at sugar feeder.

Downy woodpecker at sugar feeder.

The ruby-throats should be here any day. It’ll be cool to see them sipping alongside the downy woodpecker. Maybe an eagle will stop by for a drink too!

They’ve made it to Massachusetts!

As long as I’m on the topic of tails, we have an early morning muncher with the tail of a rat and a face only a mother could love.

"Give mommy a kiss!"

“Give mommy a kiss!”

Say hello to our muskrat. He, or she, (I haven’t gotten close enough to get a good look under the tail) visit’s the yard in the morning and munches on the newly sprouted grass and the occasional crunchy, crawly creature. This lad, or lady, hasn’t been missing any meals, that’s for sure.

Full-figured lady.

On the list of delicacies muskrats like to eat are toads. I can’t imagine a muskrat catching a toad and, once the catching has happened, eating one! Especially this fine fellow.

Say hi!

Say hi!

I didn’t know a muskrat’s mouth was big enough to get around a toad’s head. Maybe they start by nibbling on the legs first. Since toad’s bring good luck and muskrats don’t, I’m inclined to want more toads in my yard and the muskrat can just go visit someone down river.

As spring continues, life on the river follows its daily rhythms. Even the spring snow we received can’t stop the flow of activity.

Snowy spring morning.

After the day ends, the life of the river continues. The ducks quack and splash, the coyoties howl, and the owls hoot. Add an aging woman, saying hello to the moon, and the Concord River has its own symphony of nightlife.

moon on the river

Blessed be, it is really, really good. :}








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Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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