When the peepers peep!

Although best known for Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown also wrote Pussy Willow. Through summer, fall and winter the soft grey pussy cat, named Pussy Willow, journeys far and wide, trying to find his pussy willows. When he happens upon a peeper, Pussy Willow learns “when the peepers peep, then it’s spring!”


Well, I’m pleased to write the peepers are peeping. Spring is officially here!

I’ve always wanted a home where I would be serenaded to sleep by peepers. If I choose to sleep up the road a bit, my wish would come true. However, I’m partial to my bed, so I have to opt for walking the dogs before retiring for the night. We stand in the moonlight and listen to the chorus. Such bliss.

Spring peeper

Still molting, the male goldfinches are so scraggly and unkempt that no self-respecting female would ever consider them as nest mates.

"Someday I'll be beautiful!"

“Someday I’ll be beautiful!”

As the river level continues to drop, more of my yard is drying out. Despite the lower water level, I still can’t see my ‘flood rock’ across the river, which needs to happen before the next spring rain comes through. The sump pump is still pumping, but the rate has dropped to one gallon per minute. So, intead of peepers lulling me to sleep, I get the gurgle of the sump.

In spite of the soggy ground, I plan on working on the hummingbird garden this Sunday. Having entered Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the ruby-throats are within a week of arriving.

Updated hummingbird migration map

Updated hummingbird migration map

This is more exciting than meeting Mark Wahlberg (even though I’ve never actually met him, I’m sure I would be very excited). Perhaps Mark would like to stop by and say hello. Now, THAT would be exciting!

Blessed be :}




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Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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