It’s not the British, but they are coming!!!

“The British are coming!” was Paul Revere’s famous call back in the 1700’s. The truth is Mr. Revere never shouted his calling, but knocked descreetly on shutters and doors, to awaken those sympathetic to the rebels cause. Anyway, I’m transgressing, which is something I seem to be doing quite a bit lately. Must be the age thing.

So, who’s coming, you ask, breathlessly? The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds! After spending the winter in sunny Mexico, sipping the nectar, and imaginably sampling the quacamole, they’re coming North. There have been some sightings in Florida (afterall, who wouldn’t stop and see Mickey when the chance allows?), Louisiana (crawfish maybe?) and Mississippi.

first map

It’s like a wave of colorful, warm air is headed my way. Cool.

Juvenile hummer. July, 2013

Blessed be :}

About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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