Hallowed Tidings from the House on the Concord River

No goblins visited me on this misty hallowed night. I could hear their laughter from the distant streets but my dark avenue remained quiet. My bowl of candy still sits, each delightful treasure waiting to fall into some child’s Halloween bag, but, alas, the wait seems to be endless. I’ll bring the candy to school tomorrow and let my students feast as they learn about enzymes.

Instead of making flight arrangements, the ducks are behaving like it’s spring. Every ornithologist worth his or her weight in feathers knows Mallards don’t mate in the fall. Check out the video. These two were obviously absent for Mallard training 101. Or, perhaps they thought migrate translated into “my mate.”

Seems a little feather pulling is good for the soul.

A pair of cormorants have been hanging out on the beach and opposite river bank. The ducks don’t seem to mind, since fish are the diet staple for the newcomers. It wouldn’t make any difference to me though. With over 31 ducks to feed, what’s two more beaks?

The opposite shore is the perfect spot for some wing drying.

drying wings

Now it’s time for the Look At the Cool Pics I Can Take With My New Camera segment.

I hope Santa brings me a tripod for Christmas. I’ve been a very good girl this year.

The last of the cherry tomatoes ripened over the weekend. I was reminded of the book Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. “The wine was summer in a bottle.” Well, my single ripe tomato was summer, 2013, in a firm, red package. Sunshine, warmth, grass, crickets, stars, the river, herons, and ducks, all packaged for the tasting. Pure paradise.

Blessed Samhain. :}

About tinthia

Wondering, searching, and wandering, I'm an earth witch with a desire to get it right in my lifetime. The flow of the river feeds my inner goddess and fuels my soul. Blessed be. :}
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